• Who is LeegendaryaFilms?

    We are two young filmmakers fascinated by making creative, funny and spectacular short films/ videos.

    Our short films are inspired by several things we love, such as movement & music. To us it's important to be creative and to entertain people. Most of all we'd like to arouse different kind of feelings in people.

    We've learned a lot from our friends like JuBaFilms, T7Production & NDTeam, so we'd like to share our knowledge with people!

    And one day - we will change the world with our movies! :P

    Interview mit LeegendaryaFilms

  • More about Arya

    About Arya



    Hey Guys, my name is Arya Lee & my whole life is about movement & film.

    Since I remember, I always wanted to move around. I fell in love with Jackie Chan movies, so I started with Martial Arts. After practicing Muay Thai, MMA, Taekwondo & Capoeira for a few years, I found one of my biggest love - Tricking. It combines Acrobatics with Martial Arts. I also started dancing. Those sports made me feel awesome and free.

    I discovered my predilection for filmmaking when I was on the set of the movie "Streetdance 2". Although the set wasn't special at all, it looked wonderful when I saw it on the display of the director.

    This aroused my desire to tell inspiring stories by creating beautiful pictures.

    NAME: Arya Lee

    NATIONALITY: Persian

    STAY: Berlin - Germany

    LANGUAGES: German/ English/Persian/Un petit peu Francais

    SKILLS: filmmaking/photography/dancing/acrobatics(Tricking)/Martial Arts/beatboxing/guitar

    DREAM: inspiring people with movies & movement - making the world a better place


  • More about Jay

    About Jay



    Whassup everyone, my name is Jay Samuelz and I'm the second half of Leegendarya Films.

    Ever since I can remember, I have been extremely fascinated with the process of filmmaking, as well as entertaining others with my ideas.

    The whole concept of making ones thoughts a reality and being able to tell stories in a way that others could actually see with their own eyes - i mean damn.. if that's not awesome, I don't know what is! Having worked behind and in front of the camera on various occasions, I feel confident in saying that filmmaking is something I absolutely love doing :)

    Besides my passion for film, my second obsession is definitely music - more precisely rap and hip-hop. I find rap to be not only another great way to express yourself, but that there is rarely a greater feeling than being on stage and moving a live audience with your music - with just a beat and a mic.

    NAME: Jay Samuelz

    NATIONALITY: German/American

    STAY: Berlin - Germany

    LANGUAGES: German/English

    SKILLS: filmmaking/rapping

    DREAM: entertaining and inspiring others with my craft while living life to the fullest


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